Progress is the result of mindful effort through the actions of many.

In 2016, the United Nations presented 17 Sustainable Development Goals designed to pave a route towards a happier and more equal world. These goals, crafted by years of research and analytical input from issue experts, highlight many of the key issues we face in the 21st century. The list includes problems like No Poverty, Gender Equality, Climate Action, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and more.


While we continue to push world governments to help drive new answers to these solutions, we believe we can also do our individual part solving them. That’s why we’re helping local communities across America help create actionable answers to the problems they face in their own backyards.

This year, we’re focusing on the United Nation’s SDG 2: Zero Hunger by 2030. With the input of issue experts, community leaders, and individuals like you, we want to help develop a solution that will drive us one step closer to solving childhood hunger in for good.

We hope that by 2030, hunger will be a lesson of the past rather than a part of the present.

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The Facts

The Facts

Childhood hunger is an invisible social problem all around us:

We know poverty, discrimination and inequality are among the leading causes of childhood hunger today. We want to address these issues through the use of technology and teamwork to help end childhood hunger by 2030.

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Finding an Answer


In partnership with CARAVAN STUDIOS, a division of TECH SOUP, we’re working to help end childhood hunger by 2030. Join us and a panel of issue experts this July in San Francisco to help create potential solutions to this challenge using teamwork and technology.


Once we’ve identified our best solutions at our Social Impact event, we’ll hit the road and present them at our four national Kintone Connect events for attendees to learn about and vote on. Voting will also be available online and through select CARAVAN STUDIOS events. See when Kintone Connect will visit your area here. The voting window will remain open until midnight on November 30, 2019. Vote now!


The winning solution will be announced and presented at our final Kintone Connect event in San Francisco on December 12th.


The chosen solution will be built on Kintone and then offered to the community at large to help actively reduce childhood hunger through technology and teamwork.

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Why Kintone

Kintone is a different kind of software company. For the last 22 years, we’ve been on a mission to Make a Society Brimming with Teamwork.

We believe the following elements are essential to generate trust and empower effective teamwork:

  • A Common Vision – All members are clear on and aligned with the purpose of the Team
  • Take Responsibility – All members recognize the importance of their role to the Team
  • Embrace Individuality – Each member’s diverse perspectives bring unique value to the Team
  • Seek Transparency – Each member treats honesty and transparency as a primary value
Our software advocates teamwork by empowering people to live out these core elements in their organization.

We’ve created the Social Impact Challenge to bring the power of the Kintone Technology platform and the Teamwork imperative together to help communities work together more effectively for the greater good.

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